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Aquados dosing pump 2%

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Sinds 2009

Aquados dosing pump 2%

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Aquados dosing pump 2%.

This Aquados® dosing pump is specially designed for liquid additions to drinking water at livestock farms; for example, medicines, vitamins, minerals, acids, etc. These are often costly additives, where correct dosing is very important. Een investering in een nauwkeurig en betrouwbaar doseerapparaat verdient zich dan ook zeker terug.


  • Precise electromagnetic diaphragm pump
  • Very even application
  • Works even at very low flow rates
  • Water consumption directly readable on digital counter (resetable)
  • Additional signal output for recording water consumption by computer
  • Made of acid-resistant and abrasion-resistant materials
  • Large dosing range
  • All components are mounted on a stainless steel wall bracket
  • Available in 1% or 2% version (maximum dosage)

Optionally, the dosing pump can be equipped with automatic venting. This prevents dosing problems due to accumulation of gas bubbles in the pump head with products such as chlorine, hydrogen peroxide or other products that may form gas.

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