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Sintrol particulate matter sensor S203

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Sinds 2009

Sintrol particulate matter sensor S203

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Robust particulate matter sensor by inserting a probe into a duct. The sensor counts the number of particles passing by. This does require airflow of at least 32360 metres per second. If you do not have this flow, the Sintrol Dumo is a solution, or for high dust concentrations, builds Vewi a Jumbo Dumo. The sensor is suitable for extremely dusty environments. The sensor has a signal output of 4-20 mA. De sensor kan ook worden ingezet om via een omrekening tot mg/kg te komen.The sensor can also be used to arrive at mg/kg via conversion. The advice is to build a calibration line for this. We can take gravimetric measurements for this purpose upon request. For more information and specifications see: S201-S203-Ex-21012022_web

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