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Thermaflex Ultra M tube insulation various sizes

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Sinds 2009

Thermaflex Ultra M tube insulation various sizes

 3.20 5.50 excl. BTW

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Thermaflex Ultra tube insulation

For years of protection

Thermaflex Ultra-M insulation tubes are ideal for heating and sanitary pipe applications, especially where there is a need for attractive beauty and improved hygiene. These insulation tubes are designed to prevent heat losses in pipes, protect them from mechanical damage and maintain their performance throughout their service life. Thermaflex Ultra-M pipes have a nominal wall thickness, allowing the product to easily adapt to pipe sizes. The length of an insulation pipe is 2 metres as standard. If you wish to order, click in the number of metres required. So the price is per metre and not per length of 2 metres.

Dimensions200 cm

12mm, 15mm, 22mm, 28mm, 35mm, 42mm

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