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Venke Infrared controller including temperature sensor

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Sinds 2009

Venke Infrared controller including temperature sensor

 107.50 excl. BTW

Art nr. 155034-1

With this thermostat, you control (if necessary several) infrared heating panels.

Up to 3600Watt total can be controlled.

Includes thermostat with 15 mtr cable.

If necessary, you can have a light switched in for extra lighting.

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Read our article in PigBusiness

Water-resistant and dust-free infrared heating panels for animal enclosures.

In piglet houses or farrowing pens, this heating system has the advantage that it heats only where needed: the piglet lying area.
Without extra light because pigs are twilight animals. So from birth, having a hefty lamplight on your eyes right away is not what the piglet likes.
We tested and installed it in several stables last winter and are convinced of its positive effect.
There is no unnecessary heating of an entire room which has benefits for animal welfare

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