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Water meter Maddalena SJ Plus

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Sinds 2009

Water meter Maddalena SJ Plus

 29.50 39.50 excl. BTW

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Maddalena Plus Brochure


Single Jet water meter Maddalena SJ Q3=2.5 DN15 1P/10 L L=110* with 3/4″ connection on the body.

Single Jet water meter Maddalena SJ Q3=4 DN20 1P/10L L=130* with 1″ connection on the body.

Equipped with magnet for pulse generator. Available on request model EVO for M-bus, Lora etc.

R100H-R63V which means that this meter is accurate at 25 ltr/h, available from stock

Optioneel is deze meter in andere ratio’s leverbaar. R160/125/100/80/63/50/40

Meters with the standard run on at:

R100= 25 ltr/h

R160=15.6 ltr/h

Optionally available with pulse generator.

* If specific length is required please specify.


Q3=2.5 1 P/L, Q3=2.5 4 P/L, Q3=4 1 P/L, Q3=4 4 P/L

  • Elster pulser reed 2 P/ 10L for DN25, DN32 and DN40

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  • Elster V100

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  • Elster pulsmodule Reed contact / Pulser for Elster M100 series (K=100)

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  • Elster Falcon pulsmodule Pulse / MBus

     145.20 excl. BTW


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