• Dosatron D25RE2VF – mixing ratio: 0.2% – 2%

     379.00 excl. BTW

  • Dosatron D25RE5VF – mixing ratio: 1% – 5%

     445.00 excl. BTW

  • Dosatron D3RE2VF – mixing ratio: 0.2 – 2%

     795.00 excl. BTW

  • Dosatron D45RE8VF – mixing ratio: 3% – 8%

     1,182.00 excl. BTW

Dosatron dosing pumps

Dosatron dosing pumps are the ideal solution for anyone who wants to accurately dose a liquid or soluble mixtures. It is even possible to dose and mix different liquids. Dosatron dosing pumps are chemically resistant to acids, alkalis or aggressive products.

How does it work?
Dosatron dosing pumps are connected to a water supply (eg water pipe) and operate completely autonomously without electricity. The water flow sets the piston of the dosing pump in motion. The piston sucks in the product and injects it into the pump body. Inside, the product is mixed with the water. The water pressure then pushes the solution out of the pump. The product-water ratio can be easily adjusted via a rotary nut. Once this has happened, the pump works completely autonomously. The injected dose of product is always proportional to the volume of water passing through the Dosatron dosing pump, even with fluctuations in pressure or flow. This makes the Dosatron dosing pump one of the most precise dosing pumps on the market.


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