• DAB Easy box V240 50/60Hz Schuko

     1,130.00 1,350.00 excl. BTW

  • DAB Dconnect online servicerouter

     299.00 excl. BTW

  • DAB E.sybox mini

     780.00 895.00 excl. BTW

  • DAB E.sywall pumps mounting bracket

     70.00 excl. BTW

The DAB E.SYBOX is the most complete and user-friendly system on the market. This electronically controlled pump system is suitable for irrigation, industrial and domestic applications. No additional parts are required for the installation of the DAB E.SYBOX. The DAB E.sybox consists of a self-priming multi-stage pump, frequency control, flow and pressure sensors, LCD screen (high resolution and rotatable) and an integrated 2 liter expansion tank. The DAB E.sybox can be installed vertically or horizontally. It is because of the water-cooled engine
possible to place the E.sybox in rooms without ventilation. The DAB E.sybox is whisper quiet and with a noise production of only 43 dB
barely audible. The DAB E.sybox contains built-in wireless communication. The DAB E.sybox can communicate with up to 4 E.syboxes at the same time.


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