DAB E.sybox mini

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The e.sybox pressure booster is the solution when it comes to insufficient pressure or strongly fluctuating pressure on your water supply system in and around your barn. It is a complete system consisting of pump, water-cooled electric motor with frequency control, pre-pressure protection and pressure vessel in a sound-absorbing housing. The frequency control has the great advantage that the pressure is extremely stable.
Energy-efficient & extremely quiet
An additional advantage is low power consumption and quiet operation. The pump will rev up and down according to take-up so that the set pressure is maintained at all times. Installation is easy as the pressure booster is delivered ready to plug in as a complete system. Due to its construction, the hydrophore unit can be installed either standing or lying down, taking up extremely little space.
Plug & play
The water-cooled motor, combined with the sound-absorbing housing, ensures that the system is exceptionally low-noise. You as the end user/installer only need to connect your supply line and discharge line. After plugging it in, the system is ready for operation. The pressure is easily adjusted up or down at all times.
Additional option with the e.sybox version is a bluetooth communication port. This allows communication with several E.sybox pressure boosters and/or the E.sylink. The E.sylink is a communication module with a number of inputs and outputs that allows the E.sybox to be controlled by signals from, for example, pressure switches and/or floats, and to communicate any occurring malfunction to a management or alarm system.
Two versions
The e.sybox is available in a version for installation between the water mains and for use from a natural spring. When used between water pipes, the pump should be fitted with a under-pressure protection. This is due to the safety requirements set by VEWIN to protect the quality of our drinking water.

Download the brochure: E sybox brochure

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