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nipple protection bracket piglets

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Sinds 2009

nipple protection bracket piglets

 13.75 excl. BTW

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Leaks on your farm cause a lot of inconvenience. One of the main causes of leakage is a broken nipple. Vewi Techniek has various nipple protection brackets in its range. These brackets provide protection against repulsion and wear, extending the life of the nipple. The bracket also ensures that the animal stands correctly in front of the nipple to drink.

  • Flow-through Mini 8mm

     1.00 excl. BTW

  • Drinking tube 1/2” 2 connections

     31.75 excl. BTW

  • Drinking tube 1/2” Complete package

  • Drinking nipple stainless steel Optiflo with bite button 1/2″ suitable for finishers, sows or calves

     8.25 excl. BTW


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